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Adnet Infosystems is a flagship, IT-enabled Services Company of Advani Group of Companies. It is headquartered in Mumbai, India; it has its roots in post-production of still images and motion stock. The company was born a decade ago with a dream to create a professional, reliable, highly scalable and yet cost-effective post-production house in India for visual media. At the time, outsourcing in the stock imaging world was nascent. We pioneered the concept of outsourcing digital images for post-production, at a time when content owners had significant reservations in allowing their digital assets to leave the confines of their secured offices to a distant land.

The outsourcing model took roots, and we grew from a small team of 20 to a 250+ dedicated professionals in India and USA. Adnet today boasts 3 production facilities in India and one in Los Angeles, CA (USA). Adnet also has a fully owned US subsidiary, Adnet Visual Inc., which looks after our Motion, Visual Special Effects (VFX) and animation business in United States.

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Adnet Infosystems today prides itself on a highly skilled human capital, many of them fresh out of India’s finest art schools. We train them in house; give them a vision on how to employ their hard-earned knowledge to create stunning visuals using cutting edge tools. We take special efforts to groom leaders, and can boast today of our entire delivery leadership grown with the company practically since its inception.

We are today on an aggressive growth path, taking full advantage of a resurgent country that is India. We are bolstering our core business of post production of still images – adding new service lines like stereo 3D images, first-pass audit for stock images, creative composites and simulated motion. Our recent acquisition of ICO VFX LLC, a motion VFX studio in Los Angeles, CA (USA) has allowed us to make a compelling pitch to Hollywood in delivering a significant portion of movie post production pipeline from India. We are working with some of the industry leaders in making Computer-Generated Imagery a way to drive down significant costs in situations when location shoots are tedious, expensive or both. Our acute knowledge of stock imaging industry allows is to set up scalable back-office service operation for our customers, freeing them to concentrate on their core businesses.

With Adnet Infosystems, you get a strategic partner for your business in India. You get highly competitive cost leverage. With our highly redundant world-class infrastructure, you get assurance of quality and reliability. We consult with you to determine the best candidate services for outsourcing from among your portfolio, so as to maximize the ROI for you. It is a testament to our consistency over a decade that we are strategic partners with industry leaders like Getty Images and Associated Press for years. Contact us now to know more!

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Adnet Infrastructure

Site Security: All Adnet facilities are available to the authorized personnel only, the use of electronic security doors guarantees limited access.
Data Security: The systems are passwords protected at multiple levels to prevent unauthorized access to specific system management functions and underlying programs. The secured servers and firewall are monitored at 24/7 basis. Through weekly patch management, Adnet Experts constantly updates the security software to protect against unauthorized access to our network system. There is no access removable media devices i.e. USB drive, Flash cards, CD & DVD Drives
Network Security: Adnet enforces very restrictive systems access policies. We have a stringent policy in place for passwords, and network access. We also participate in regular security audits and penetration tests to ensure that a robust data security system is created and maintained.
Contingency Plan: Adnet acknowledges the potential for a serious disruption of business by hardware or software failure or other natural calamities. Parallel data processing facilities are located at Fort & Palghar Branches. Adnet has comprehensive data, physical and disaster recovery policies in place to address the issue of business continuity.
Backup of Data: Adnet networks are backed up on tape on a nightly basis and all tapes are stored off-site in a secure facility with temperature and humidity calibrations. The software used to manage the backup processes is a specially designed component of our security software package. Said Backups are disposed as per the backup policy under the strict supervision.